Ben Fowler is a UK-based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist with a passionate interest in electronic music. Whilst obtaining a first-class bachelor’s degree in creative music technology and a distinction at a master’s level degree in musical composition he managed to win over 25 competitions set by Indaba and Audiodraft.

After obtaining a first-class bachelor’s degree in Creative Music Technology and a distinction at master’s level, Ben immediately began writing music for clients including Sony, Red Bull, Capital One, Terra Mater Factual Studios and a number of independent film studios. He was commissioned as one of the first composers to contribute a vast selection of bespoke tracks for use within the Sounds of Red Bull library. 


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License on Red Bull Content Pool Premium Music License on Red Bull Content Pool Premium Music

License on Red Bull Content Pool Premium Music

License on Red Bull Content Pool Premium Music

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Ben has recently composed a genre-defying score for Terra Mater's feature length film ‘MindGamers’ starring starring Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) and Tom Payne (Walking Dead), due for release in March 2017. The twenty-five track 'MindGamers Original Soundtrack' is released February 2017.  Fowler's powerful dark and often haunting electronic sounds make his first feature film score a perfect fit for MindGamers.  The single 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' featuring The Wanton Bishops, also from MindGamers, was released early February.


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His side projects include the alias Fluence due to release an EP in late 2017 comprising of emotive, intimate electronic pieces focusing on downtempo beats and haunting chords. His beautiful remix of ‘Worries’ by Submotion Orchestra has been selected by the band to appear on their next release.

With an insatiable desire to compose and an ever present passion for innovation and sonic experimentation, Ben seeks to constantly progress and evolve. His ability to understand the desire of the consumer makes his pieces for film and media stand out and his aptitude to continually produce awe-inspiring and emotive music makes him a producer to look out for.