We are a team of experienced industry professionals located in Los Angeles and Salzburg. We care most about an innovative approach to our business, creating forward thinking solutions, helping our partners and music creators to thrive and prosper in a radically changing industry.

Red Bull Music Publishing is both a force for developing aspiring composers and songwriters, and a business unit for partnerships with established artists and brands. Wherever Red Bull’s global multi-level music activities create business opportunities, Red Bull Music Publishing’s team ensures a dedicated and artist friendly approach to modern music rights management.

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Martin Brem

Head of Music Portfolio

Mike Breneis

Senior Music Publishing & Business Development Manager

Belinda Peru

Music Publishing & Business Development Manager

Geoff Sawyer

Senior Music Services Manager

Daniela Gassert

Music Licensing Manager

Buffy Hubelbank

Creative Director Publishing (Red Bull Records)

Wendy Marmo

Music Licensing (US)

Elke Baxrainer

Music Services Manager (AT)

Malgorzata Spolnik

Music Services Manager (AT)

Philip Dobrounig

Music Platforms Manager

Jon Johnson

Music Rights Specialist

Courtney Jenkins

Music Supervisor (US)

Hannah Taylor

Digital Music Marketing Specialist